Review: SATOR Will Haunt You

Whenever you see multiple credits attributed to a singular individual on a film, it is usually a cause for worry. Films where one person literally does it all are disasters. Robert Rodriguez is the obvious exception but with SATOR, Jordan Graham can join that exclusive club.

SATOR is a one man show by a one man show. Adam (Gabriel Nicholson) is a loner out in the deep woods in a cabin that has more than a passing shade of Evil Dead. Alone in this cabin, he hunts by day and spends his nights checking Deer Cam footage searching for signs of the Sator. An entity who if Adam’s grandmother is to be believed, is a caretaker. Yeah…umm…no. The Sator is malevolent, plain and simple.  The closer he gets to it, the closer he gets to death.

People do drop in to visit but it is a rarity. His brother, Pete (Michael Daniel), for example brings more stress than anything else and it through moments like this that we lean of the metal illness and preoccupation with the bible that plagues this family.

Sator is a quiet film, slow and precise. It also doesn’t give you the answers easy as the film is not presented in a linear format. The timeline is fractured and therefore you have to work for the clues to fill in the blanks. And even then, you will leave the film wondering…

SATOR is a difficult film to talk about because it gives you both everything and nothing at the same time. It is rich in atmosphere which is a plus and it builds to its climax beautifully, but it never explodes. This is the kind of film that you continue to think about after it’s done rather that scream at the jump scares and move on as soon as the credits roll.

SATOR is out Tuesday and I highly recommend you watch it. It may rejuvenate your love of horror.

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