Pumpkin Loves MARIANNE

Emma (Victoire Du Bois) is a writer. She’s cutting, cynical, self centred and she drinks too much. Her specialty : the Horror genre.
What Emma doesn’t say though or what she doesn’t want to admit probably, is that the dreams her novels are inspired by, may not be just dreams…
When Emma kills her heroine to free herself from Marianne, her very own boogeywoman, a succession of tragic events will take her back to Elden, her childhood town.

Marianne is a French tv Serie brought to us by Samuel Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran.
Seeing that I’m French, you’ll probably think my opinion is biased. Well… you’re wrong !
Given the number of dreadful stupid shits I’ve seen from the French horror genre, you can trust me when I tell you I was waiting to catch Marianne out !

In a kind of The Shining like atmosphere, (you’ll find some very similar aerial establishing shots over the white cliffs of Britanny), Marianne feels like a no exit where the characters are yet free to come and go as they think best while continuously taken back to their childhood school, a very old lighthouse, closed after a heavy tragedy…

The whole story is quite a good balance of jumpscares, creepy atmosphere and some seriously needed humour, after a succession of spine chilling moments offered by the fantastic Mireille Herbstmeyer !
Detective Ronan (Alban Lenoir on whom I have a serious crush, by the way) maintains a bit of that lightness with a professional yet pretty clumsy presence and becomes a kind of big brother to those sea-wrack kids, who weirdly remind me of certain kids from Dery…

In spite of a few inconsistencies and and some actors whom performances would deserve a bit of improvement ( I know, I’m a pain, I notice everything…) Marianne is a fresh start. Forget everything you’ve seen from the French horror genre so far and let yourself engulfed by that dream inside the dream chilling feeling, some good gory witchcraft and hurry up to look into Marianne before she decides to look into you…


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