Review: Dread Strikes Again With THE GOLEM

Before Frankenstein, there was The Golem!

Director brothers Doyon Paz and Yoav Paz decided that it was time to bring back the long lost medieval Jewish Folklore of The Golem.

The Golem is an amazing horror film that doesn’t hold back, blood, head explosions, and enchanting prayers. The Golem is a Medieval Jewish Folklore creature brought to life by the use of ritualistic letters of the Hebrew alphabet forming a Shem. The Shem is then inserted in the Golems mouth and brought to life. The Golem creature is made using clay, water, and mysterious Hebrew prayers. Having said that, this film reels you in into this mysterious belief that man can play God, but you must beware of the outcome.

The Golem is based in the year 1673 in a place called Lithuania, where a small community of Jewish settlers lives. We quickly get to know our female protagonist Hanna (Hani Furstenberg)

a rebel woman who in this film becomes somewhat of a hero. The plague is quickly spreading and claiming victims but this little community where Hanna lives is untouched by the plague which makes invaders believe that the reason they are not affected is because of the “enchanted prayers”. The community quickly becomes endangered by the invaders which pushes Hanna to create this hero like creature called The Golem. Hanna has no idea that meddling with such magic will put her in danger even more than she thought.

This film is entertaining for those who believe in Folklore and mythical creatures that can be brought to life by using enchanting prayers and having faith in ones believes. Great acting and a great story overall. Give it a try and venture onto The Golem and its wrath!

-Gloria Skulls

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