Dread Central’s ‘Slay Belles’ Is The Christmas Present You’ve Been Waiting For!

Slay Belles (2018) Directed by Dan Walker. The film was written by Jessica Luhrssen, Dan Walker – Starring Susan Slaughter, Kristina Klebe, Stephen Ford, Hannah Wagner, Barry Bostwick, and Diane Salinger. Taking place on Christmas Eve, Slay Belles follows three cosplaying women that cross paths with the Christmas demon Krampus! The girls stumble across good ole Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus to battle the crazed creature, do they all meet their demise or do they kick the demon’s ass? Take a guess.

The movie does not take itself super seriously, and why would you want it to? This movie seriously deviates from the normal holiday ride we are all used to with a sprinkle of blood, guts, and gore, what more could you want? The film is a beautiful blend of adult comedy and horror.

Dan Walker is a director I will definitely have on my radar as he knows how to squeeze the fun out of a movie, along with having suitable knowledge and skill in the creation and execution of a film. With a small budget, the practical effects bring an array of laughs and serve as the highlights of the film.

Providing viewers with some memorable effects, Slay Belles does a superb job of recreating that Krampus classic look – very well done. For me the film didn’t lack anything, I mean, three sexy female leads kicking some major ass, taking names later, and saving Christmas, yeah we’re good! The leading characters deliver some solid performances and it’s one of those films that doesn’t require any type of thinking, just sit back and relax.

With opening credits displaying animation fun beginning with Christmas toons and taking on a transition into a holiday-themed Electronic Dance Music score, Slay Belles will be a film to revisit year in and year out and it wouldn’t surprise me if we begin to see it on Top Ten Christmas Horror lists once the holiday season comes into full swing again.

Slay Belles comes with the highest of recommendations. If you’re looking for something serious, yeah I’m sorry, this isn’t for you.


SLAY BELLES is now available on VOD and Blu-ray!


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