Review: Predator 2018

We start off with a galactic spacecraft chase where the fleeing ship is damaged before creating a wormhole and narrowly escaping through it, destination Earth, at the same time our protagonist Quinn Mckenna (Boyd Holbrook), who is an Army sniper, Is on a Black ops mission in Mexico where the ship ends up crashing. Quinn searches the wreckage and acquires some of the predators gear to send back home as proof of the occurrence which unbeknownst to him will put his Asperger/savantist son Rory Mckenna (Jacob tremblay) in danger by both Predators and government agents.
As the story graduates we’re introduced to the comedic relief, Group 2, a group of trash talking military men with PTSD and other conditions that have been labeled mentally defective, each with a specific backstory as to how they ended up in Group 2.  Nebraska Williams (Trevante Rhodes) a sort of un-elected leader of group 2 likes to shoot the breeze with the guys but is first to step up when things get messy.
Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key) has an interesting dynamic with Baxley and comes in guns blazing, in the fire fights and his shit talking. Baxley (Thomas Jane) has tourettes syndrome causing him to blurt out wildly inappropriate and befuddling hilarities. When the shit hits the fan, there’s no one he’d rather have watching his back than Coyle. Nettles(Augusto Aguilera) always seemingly in his own little world. When not softly speaking and acting docile he’s trying to kick ass and going over board. Lynch (Alfie Allen) the lone wolf of the wolf pack, kind of a gun nut and can be a bit careless. Our last supporting character is Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) an evolutionary scientist who was recently given access to a government facility to help scientist understand predators. She’s caught up in a bad situation which leads to her being persecuted by the government agents.  They’ll all have to pull together and fight to stay alive but nothing is guaranteed.
It’s not your typical predator movie but it’s definitely worth a watch.
Gary Foster

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