‘Monster Party’ Is One Hell Of A Good Time!

First I would just like to start out by saying that I really didn’t have high expectations for this film. I had not heard a lot of hype surrounding it and knew virtually nothing regarding the plot, cast, etc. My low expectations were immediately placed to rest as soon as the film began.

Via RLJE Films.

If you were a fan of 2016’s sensational hit, Don’t Breathe, Monster Party is the film for you as the film follows a group of criminals who receive a lot more then they ever could have imagined when following through on their latest escapade. Casper (Sam Strike), Iris (Virginia Gardner), and Dodge (Brandon Michael Hall) are in their early 20s and are typically very careful with their planning, however, at the last minute Iris receives a waitressing job at a private party, the party is held at a mansion with a group of very rich individuals. Figuring that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity the greed of money sets in and the group decides it is well worth the risk. Will this young group make it out alive? Remember as you are watching this film think “withdrawal is a bitch!” You’ll understand what the means, soon enough, trust me.

Monster Party touches on differences between economic classes and a bit of racism is brought up in the film as well. The violence throughout the movie is very graphic and once the brutality begins, it does not let up by any means. The third act takes a gashly turn, and normally it would have been a bit much since it was the final act, I was already vested and enjoying the ride!

RLJE Films.

With a superb cast consisting of veteran actors, Chris von Hoffman has created a film that is shocking, crazy, bloody, violent and is overall one hell of a good time. Monster Party will eventually find its footing that is deserved and is worth checking out, I highly recommend checking this one out, you’ll be glad you did!

Monster Party is now available on Digital & DVD/Blu-Ray from RLJE Films.


RLJE Films.


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