Review: THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS Is A Happy Time Indeed

Comedy has changed so much in the past decade. Every joke is put under a microscope. So when THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS hit theaters, it was a welcome breath of fresh air. A racy adult muppet capper that looks P.C. society in the eye and spits. How could I not be in?

P.I. Phil (Bill Barretta) yes he’s a muppet, is put on a case by Sandra a typical noir femme fatale. What’s crazy is that after he takes the case, muppets from an old muppet TV show, “The Happytime Gang,” begin dropping like ragdolls (pun intended). The murders bring Phil back together with his human partner Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) who has her own issues and the two set out to solve the crimes.

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS is a different animal than you have ever seen before. A feature length mainstream film with muppets and orgasms. This is a film that is not for everybody but I will say that it should be. It is a comedy that we desperately need now. It is fearless and goes for what it wants with glee and an unapologetic attitude. Maya Rudolph trying to ignore the muppet getting railed in the next office? Priceless. We as a society have become so afraid to offend anyone that a movie like this is required viewing. It doesn’t care who it offends and it will offend everyone. Hell there is even an Octopus/cow sex scene.

But underneath the madness is a fun film noir style romp that has some fun with the genre in a similar vein to Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. There are plenty of lies and misleading whispers in the classic noir tradition and the film leaves me dying to see Elizabeth Banks in a serious version of her femme fatale role.

Ignore everyone else and see this caper. It is the kind of film that you can have pizza and beer while watching and laugh till it hurts. I promise you.

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