Tiffany Shepis Talks KILLER KATE

Last week, I had the chance to have a chat with actress Tiffany Shepis about her role as the Christine, one of the murderers in a family preying on a house of girls in the movie KILLER KATE.

When I asked her about how it felt to play a killer wielding an ax, Tiffany said, “It was like putting a wedding dress on me! I was just to excited like a little girl jumping around in a gown…playing around with an ax as a crazy psychopath killer was exciting.”

Comparing the role as Christine to her past roles, Tiffany said, “…for so many years, when I was younger, I played lots and lots of like, the bitchy victim. Those are certainly fun to do-  getting covered in blood and running and screaming and stuff- love it, love it, love it. There’s really no part of the genre that I don’t love…. But… getting to play the bad guy, getting to play the monster, getting to play someone who’s just fucking crazy is the most fun. … you sort of just do whatever you want! Because like, crazy is just one thing you don’t understand, right? You and I aren’t just gonna go kill a house full of people… that doesn’t make sense, but these crazy people will. So, it’s a ton of fun to just kind of screw around with that.”

Elaborating on playing the “bad guy”, Tiffany added, “For a role like this, [the challenge is] trying not to go over the top. Toeing that line. Being a fan of horror, I’ve always been a fan of bad guys as well. So I try to get the audience to dig what you’re doing even though you’re killing off the main characters, the ones you’re supposed to care about. So it’s finding that fine line between cool and crazy and the comedy…”

Co-starring Alexandra Feld, Grant Lyon, and Robert Donovan, KILLER KATE is out in select theaters now

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