Blu-ray Review: Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection

Evil Dead is one of the landmark films of horror. It created an evil force unlike anything we had seen before and a hero to fight it. Ash Williams is a hero we can all relate to, so when STARZ brought him and the evil dead back, horror fans had their prayers answered. Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection is just that.

We first meet Ash as he works in a Value Stop, yes he at the lowest point in his life. He has a co-worker named Pablo who looks up to him, but that is about it. Sure he hooks up with random women from time to time but you know, he is just sad. That being said, things change when Ash drunkenly reads from the Necronomicon and releases the evil once again. Joined by Pablo’s best friend, Kelly, they set off to destroy the evil that just won’t go away. Hot on their trail is a Detective named Amanda Fisher who encounters a deadite and starts tracking Ash after she is forced to kill her partner. As if that wasn’t bad enough, someone else is after Ash, her name is Ruby, and she is a lot more than meets the eye. This is the set up for the series that takes us from the outskirts of hell to small town Michigan and even the cabin in the woods.

The series managed to deliver week after week on the gore and outrages situations that you would expect from Ash. Fans originally questioned the 30 min. format but like Sam Raimi said, 30 minutes allows for balls to the wall horror. Ash vs Evil Dead delivers the chills and laughs throughout the series run. There is a lot of death and some truly sad moments which really humanize the characters. Ash continues to suffer loss because of the book and those moments are allowed to be real. And speaking of real, Ash has a daughter that he reconnects with in season 3. Yep… lots of surprises!

So we know all about the series, especially horror fans, let’s talk special features…

What may have seemed skimpy on individual releases really shines as a set. The commentaries are constantly entertaining and call back to the hey day of horror commentaries. Of course Bruce Campbell’s are the most entertaining but the others are a lot of fun as well. As far as featurettes, season 2 has the most but the season also has the biggest connection to the film series with certain characters returning after all these years. There are also featurettes on the Delta and the women in Ash’s life. Sure I wish they were longer, but you get your money’s worth.

You can pick up the set this Tuesday, October 16th and have time to binge it all this Halloween! Hail to the king!


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