Event Review: CREEPLA: AWAKE

Halloween time in Los Angeles brings a special chill unlike any other. It is called CREEP Los Angeles and it is an immersive experience like no other. Each year is a different story and this year may be its most unsettling, it is called AWAKE.

You are lead into a sleep study in a dark room.] and lied on a bed next to a stranger. You cannot speak. Eventually, a few sleepers from the middle of the room begin to speak. They grab you and take you into a journey like you will never see again…if you are lucky.

CREEP is always a difficult experience to describe because its power lies in the unknown. But I will say that the frightening experience involves a family dinner inside of a nightmare that echoes a Rob Zombie film, the last class room you would ever want to be in and long fingered creature that will come if you stay awake.

This year is a little more high concept than before but strangely more disturbing. I have never been more afraid to sleep when I got home. It was a long night in the best way. The crew at Just Fix It have created a world that you feel trapped in and maybe the most telling of their style, I actually felt that I had been awake for days after hearing about it for the greater half of the evening. BRILLIANT.

If you haven’t been to CREEPLA before, this is the one Halloween treat you can’t miss. For more info, go here and for God’s sake…stay awake! http://www.creepla.com/

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