Event Review: Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place

When you are talking haunts in Orange County, Ca. you have to talk about SINISTER POINTE. They have been in the business for over 20 years and this year have stepped up their game yet again with SCARY PLACE.

SINISTER POINTE’S SCARY PLACE is an all new three level attraction located in the Laguna Hills Mall. If you want a haunt and shop experience, this is it. There are loads of vendors with everything from great horror tees to jewelry and comics. The great thing is that they are surrounded by scare zones featuring clowns, Vampires, and infected military. Just about anywhere you go will bring you across one of these terrifying creatures. Clowns remain the scariest, much to the chagrin of, well, clowns. Sorry, you guys are creepy. But let’s talk about what you really want…the attractions.

Starting from the top down, the first maze you will come to is THE BOOGEYMAN EXPRESS. This is a tractor pull ride through an old town full of country folk. No not in a good way. Terrifying creatures pop out of every corner and the jumps keep coming. This is a fun way to start the evening as it eases you into the night in style. There are some great surprises at the end of this one that keep it fun.

Next up was PHOBIAS and the title alone should set you straight on what kind of maze this is. No matter what your fear is, this maze has something that makes you uncomfortable. From every day things like the dentist and electricity to more specific fears like clowns and claustrophobia. This one got to me a bit, I hate electricity and they got me good there. All part of the fun.

Lastly and probably the creepiest, was EVIL ON 2, You start off with an elevator ride to the second floor where you are let loose into a creepy hotel. There has been a demonic force set loose and as you progress through the floor, the horror gets worse and worse. This maze has it all. Creepy lighting, unsettling set pieces and characters you think about later.

SCARY PLACE is a fun night out filled with chills and Halloween goodness. Make sure you find your way here this season. For more info, drop by http://www.sinisterpointe.com/


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