Dread Central has been doing a great job bringing horror to the masses. With TERRIFIER such a break out hit, what’s next? Are you ready for a found footage double feature that really works? Then get ready to scream. #SCREAMERS / THE MONSTER PROJECT is a great one/two punch for the night. If you know anything about me, Know that I HATE found footage. That being said, we have a winner with Dread Central Presents #SCREAMERS / THE MONSTER PROJECT.

Gigaler is a newer website that is best described as Youtube with a myspace interface. I know that sounds weird but their goal at Gigaler is to be your friend. The site is owned by two very different guys, Chris (Chris Bannow), an introvert who is easily flustered, and Tom (Tom Malloy), a forceful extrovert. They have goals for the company but like any internet site, they need content. They have been surviving but need something to break out and catch fire. That something is a mysterious video that shows up in their inbox. After making them jump in terror (and myself too) they post it and it blows up. They soon get a second one that is equally terrifying. Seeing dollar signs, Tom wants more and begins to investigate. After getting her phone number and address, strange details emerge. This sets them off on a journey to her secluded house to confront her.

If that last sentence sounds like the trailer for CATFISH, trust me, I had that same thought. In fact, #SCREAMERS is in a lot of ways, the movie you thought you were getting when  you saw CATFISH. The difference is that this movie delivers. If it has a weakness, it lies in the set up. The Jack The Ripper angle that they notice when they start their investigation quickly disappears. After the set up and realization that the girl in the videos is English, that whole plot thread is thrown out. But other than that, this movie gives you plenty of jolts and scares. Well worth the watch!


Paired up with this film is THE MONSTER PROJECT. This film was quite the surprise. What starts off as a simple guys make a show and bad stuff happens type scenario, turns into an epic fight to survive with a fantastic twist at the end. Devon and Jamal (Justin Bruening and Jamal Quezaire) are making a show called THE MONSTER PROJECT. After having successful videos, they are after the big money. They recruit Jamal’s roommate, a recovering addict and dealer named Bryan (Toby Hemingway) and reluctantly, Devon’s ex, Murielle (Murielle Zuker).

Devon’s plan; to go out and find REAL monsters. He begins meeting with potentials and nails down three for full blown interviews for his first show. A Skinwalker or Native American werewolf, played by Steven Flores, a demon possessed girl (Shiori Ideta), and a vampire (Yvonne Zima). With his cast in place, he rents a spooky house to do the interviews and sets up shop. As you can imagine, the film doesn’t go as planned and all hell breaks loose. What you won’t see coming, is what happens next and I can assure you that this film goes crazy epic.

The team behind the film, lead by Victor Mathieu come from Los Angeles’s Delusion: A Haunted Play so they know how to pull off live effects. The down side of the film is that it is shot in Low Light and the green hue hurts the make up and presentation in general. Other than that though, it’s a pretty decent first outing for Mathieu and company. Paired with #SCREAMERS, this is a surprisingly fun found-footage double feature.

The documentary on THE MONSTER PROJECT is also fantastic. A full on behind the scenes account on making the film which is entertaining and extremely informative. They talk about the pitfalls of making your first film. Loosing locations, Investor interference and all. Very honest and common. If you are setting out to make your first film, this is a must watch.

#SCREAMERS / THE MONSTER PROJECT is available now from Epic Pictures/ Dread Central Presents.

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