Review: THE TOYBOX (2018)

If the Hills Have Eyes and Texas Chain Saw Massacre had a baby, what would it look like? The result is probably THE TOYBOX and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Charles (Greg Violand) has two sons, Steve (Jeff Denton) and Jay (Brian Nagel) who have been distant and unhappy since their mother died. Chuck feels a family trip is in order to make things better. Now, in my experience and that of friends, we all know that road trips are not the way to bring people together. There are exceptions but that is definitely not the rule. Along for the ride is Steve’s wife Jennifer (Denise Richards) along with their daughter and a dog. Dog’s always make me nervous in horror.

It isn’t long before they pick up a stranded couple, Mark (Matt Mercer) and Sam (Mischa Barton). So with an RV full of people, the horror can begin. The RV used to belong to a serial killer for his mobile hell on wheels. You can guess what happens next since there are lots of fresh victims aboard.

THE TOYBOX is a decent little film. It isn’t trying to do anything new but it is entertaining enough much thanks to the always watchable Matt Mercer and Denise Richards. Also, the deaths are gruesome and though it isn’t a plus on its own, it does help elevate the film above lots of VOD/ indie fare. The story may be standard but the performances in certain scenes are right on target, making them a bit surprising in the best way.

All in all, THE TOYBOX is a fun fright flick that will entertain you and give you a few shocks though you may not re-watch it. The kills are good and there is even emotion that may stick with you. You know what you are getting with this one so view accordingly.

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