Bluray Review: THE FIRST PURGE

Horror is always a reflection of current events and THE FIRST PURGE may be the closest thing to a mirror image. Considering the state of our country these days, this seems more real than ever. The Purge Experiment takes place on Staten Island in an impoverished environment. People are offered $5000 to stay in town, more if they participate. Dangling carrots to starving horses.

Isaiah (Joivan Wade) and his sister Nya (Lexi Scott Davis) are poor and just trying to survive day by day. But with no hope in sight, Isaiah starts selling drugs for Nya’s ex, Dmitri (Y’lan Noel). That doesn’t go very well and he ends up cut by an psycho called Skeletor. Isaiah is warned that his days are numbered. Drug dealing wasn’t the answer, so when he is offered the money to purge, Isaiah jumps at it, unbeknownst to his Nya, who is staying to help others get through the night. Though they are all there for different reasons, they will have to fight together if they are going to live.

THE FIRST PURGE is a timely film simply because though exaggerated, this is an America that a lot of people believe we are living in. There is a lot of subtext in this film and one would have to be blind not to see that this is a frightening possibility. Everyone should see this film if for no other reason, so they can make an informed decision on their lives and where it is heading.

So let’s talk about the disc. There is a deleted scene in which Skeletor attacks Isaiah and Nya that brings a sense of closure to the Isaiah / Skeletor arc.

The featurettes are surprisingly short for the subject matter but still entertaining.

A Radical Experiment is a short featurette that encompasses the whole film with short interviews and basic bts info.

“Bringing the Chaos” discusses the stunts and action in the film as well as the actors reaction to it. It’s a fun piece and probably my favorite featurette.

“The Masks” is a pretty much self explanatory. A look at the masks in the film that has become the biggest symbol of the franchise.

All in all, this is another solid Blumhouse disc. A bit leaner than some but it delivers where it counts. Great picture and sound and featurettes worth a watch.  THE FIRST PURGE is available NOW on Blu ray, DVD and digital.


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