Queen Mary Dark Harbor Gets Darker Than Ever Before!

The can’t miss Halloween haunt of the season has returned. Queen Mary Dark Harbor, which takes place aboard the famed haunted ship in Long Beach, Ca. is one of the best attractions every year with an incredible mix of Halloween themed mazes, aquatic horror, and carnival fun. This year marked an all new high for the haunt as Jon Cooke aka Johnny Plague has taken over the redesign of the mazes and they are frightening!

Let’s just jump right in with INTREPID. This maze, which takes over the village set piece that is a fixture surrounding the ship, is a show stopper right out of the gate. This journey by train takes you to a world of grief and horror like no other. The atmosphere is non stop and absolutely engaging. The crypts are truly scary and of course made even more frightening by the creatures that lurk within as created by David Wally and his team.

Next up is B340, a twisted maze that takes you into the ship and room B340. What happened in that room? This new interpretation of the maze will give you nightmares in the best way. There is a religious theme to this new version that sets it apart from anything that has come before. There are long dark hallways where entities await. A glimpse alone had me afraid to continue. SO GOOD!

CIRCUS Is always great because it has a sense of fun unlike any other. Not the kind of fun that makes you laugh, but the fun that make you scream that you are going insane. There is a feeling you are being toyed with here and that the maze is having as much fun with you as you are with it. Though this is the home of The Ringmaster, we actually found her lurking elsewhere…Inside LULLABY Maze.

The LULLABY maze is one of the creepiest mazes and is based around the ghost of a real little girl who haunts the ship. That alone sends chills down your spine. Are trip was twisted because we went with The Ringmaster. She made it fun until she would turn around and stare at you in the darkness and you would jump a little.


All the mazes have a new feel and keep things original. And that is on;y the beginning. There are live shows and music filling the air. Lots of bars with all kinds of interesting drinks and even an ice bar with Vodka to warm you up and great food for every pallet. Did I mention the secret bars? Yes. There are a few secret bars hidden within the mazes that you will have to decipher clues to find, but they are well worth it! There is also a 4-D experience that is so much fun you might want to do that twice. It is called PANIC 4-D!

Well that is all I can tell you without spoiling the fun. All I can say is this year, QUEEN MARY has kicked it up a notch and raised the bar. I challenge you to find more fun this Halloween.


Go here for Tickets https://www.queenmary.com/calendar-of-events/dark-harbor/calendar/

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