Review: Knuckleball (2018)

Welcome to Knuckleball. Where should I begin? Winter can be rough outside the city, most of it when you are a 12-year-old kid and your destiny is to be left alone in an isolated farm.

Henry is only a boy, who learns to be a man the day his parents decide to go on a trip and leave him with his grandfather. What they didn´t have in mind was that misfortune could happen any time. When suddenly the old man dies, Henry finds himself alone in the empty home, and this is only one of the many things that will torment him.

The wind outside blows cruel, his only hope is the neighbor, when the boy approaches him to ask for help, he discovers there´s something wrong with this man and his intentions are not good at all, the clever boy will start a struggle for surviving.

There are two movies that come to my mind while I think about this story: Home alone and The shining. In this film there´s a boy trying to save his life, setting traps, planning strategies, but let´s clarify something THIS IS NOT A COMEDY, this is a thriller. And then there is the criminal, a young man seeking revenge, wanting to destroy all that this family has left.

Escaping, climbing, hiding; every minute watching Knuckleball will make you catch your breath, will make you feel your heart pumping. This is the kind of film that pushes you to cover your mouth with your hands, and makes you want to yell at the protagonist, LOOK OUT!

The setting of the film creates a perfect atmosphere for terror, the events take place one night during a snow storm in Alberta, Canada.  The forest, the solitude, nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide, every minute the viewer will be waiting the worst ending, and every second seems like a tragedy is about to happen.

Knuckleball stars Michael Ironside (Starship Troopers, Total Recall), Munro Chambers (Turbo Kid, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”), Luca Villacis (“Channel Zero”), Kathleen Munroe (“Patriot” “Resurrection”), and Chenier Hundal (“Arrow”). The film was directed by Michael Peterson (Lloyd the Conqueror) who co-wrote the script with Kevin Cockle.

Opening in theaters and On Demand / Digital HD on October 5, 2018, I recommend you to take a look at this film that will leave you with open-mouthed!

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