Knotts Scary Farm opening night was horror-rific!

Opening night at the farm was jammed pack! Ghoulish monsters and the dead walking amongst the living to begin the celebration of fall and the month of October upon us. Knotts has 13 mazes that will haunt your dreams! The lines were long but worth it! Average wait time was an hour, at about midnight the wait time dropped dramatically to 15 and 5 minutes for most mazes.

Afraid of clowns? they got you covered, enter the Dark Ride into a magical place full of crazy clowns and witness the circus of the demented and the dammed!

Perhaps you’re afraid of The hills have eyes? Well, I dare you to try and escape The Red Barn! In The Red Barn, you have to escape crazy hillbillies through a path of dead animals, and “regular” folk captured in cages! Beware at the end! you might be able to escape the giant guy wearing a pig mask carrying a chainsaw! I was thrown to him to divert him while my friends escaped! it’s thrilling and insane!  

Another one of my favorites was The Depths! If you’re into sci-fi and pirates this is then for you!

Go into The Depths and try to escape the giant great white before he bites your legs off! you also get a feel of Dead Man’s Chest as you step into the rocky ship full of dead wenches.

Maybe you’re into the paranormal? I would definitely recommend you don’t leave the Farm until you try and escape Paranormal Inc. try getting out of this crazy asylum that’s being haunted by evil ghosts and demon-like creatures. The end of this maze is totally unexpected, its set up to make you feel like maybe you had just fallen into a different dimension and everything was just an illusion!

I can go on and on about every maze but the truth is that you need to go and try out for yourself! Hurry and don’t miss it!

Last day to attend Knotts Scary Farm is October 31st!

-Gloria Skulls

The Mazes

The Depths

Shadow Lands

The Red Barn

Pumpkin Eater

Trick or Treat

Dark Ride

Paranormal Inc.

Dark Entities


Forsaken Lake

The Hollow


Ghost Town Streets

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