When I see a movie like SICK FOR TOYS I wonder what the filmmaker wanted me to feel.  Did he or she think that a person would enjoy this film, and if so, what type of person?  What is the audience?  When I have this thought, I know right then, that this movie is BAD.

Emilia and Edward are a deranged brother and sister whose parents have died.  Emilia behaves emotionally stunted and the two play out a demented game where they drug and kidnap a man to be Emila’s “Christmas toy”.  He is kept in the garage while Emilia rapes him at her will.  Edward experiments with medications to get the results they want from their “toys”…

Roy is a “nice guy”.  He gets a call from his best friend’s girlfriend that he is missing.  Roy knows that his best friend, Jason, is out trying to cheat on her, but says nothing. He goes to his apartment and finds Emilia’s phone number written on a napkin.  After a bad date, he decides to give Emilia a call and ask her out on a date.  From here, he continually throws himself in harm’s way…

Chronicling this intense Christmas season in Emilia and Edward’s life, this film doesn’t have much suspense, nor plot.  Having no plot isn’t bad inherently, but if plot is thin, characters should be full, visuals should be dazzling.  This movie delivers none of that.  Suspenseful moments are not drawn out.  Scenes are composed mostly of two-shots with very shallow focus.  I understand the artistic decision to do something like this, but at times, a character begins speaking, and their face is still out of focus.  It is difficult to tell if it was done intentionally or not and it is this reviewers opinion that it seems sloppy.

There are some sexually disturbing scenes and no matter where your limits lie, you will most likely find something to cringe at.  The film could have succeeded more if it had more gore or gross out scenes.  There was one big gore moment, and it was effective, but as a whole, I would have liked to feel more physically uncomfortable than sexually repulsed.  I also would have liked to see a little more insight to Emilia and Edward’s disturbing life than the one scene they offered that was too little, too late.  The plot that was offered posed too many questions left unanswered and the ending fell flat.

There is not enough torture to appeal to the torture porn audience, not enough gore to appeal to the gore-hounds, and not enough suspense to quell your Hitchcockian needs. If you want to see a movie that doesn’t have much going on aesthetically, a loose plot full of holes, and a long masturbation scene with an unattractive man, you might like this movie.

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