Review: Johnny Gruesome Is Wickedly Gruesome

Have you ever heard about the fictional character Johnny Gruesome? created by Gregory Lamberson, waited 10 years to become flesh (rotten flesh) and bones (tones of bones).

Johnny Grissom is a 17-year-old rebel, getting in trouble at home and at school. Long hair, leather jacket, just another metal lover, Of Course he has a violent gang around him. On a fatidic night the teenagers decide to take a joy ride, drugs, beer and a car, looks like they are about to have fun, but Johnny´s gang betrays him, murdering him and making a silent pact.

Here is when everything starts. Johnny won´t stay dead, and he will come back from the grave, *slow heavy metal music playing* transformed into a revengeful corpse.

An eye for an eye, they say, and the undead teenager won´t make them wait. Oh, sweet death, first the annoying guy who gave him the “Gruesome” nickname, decapitated, his dead body will be found in the school gym. One by one, his teachers, “friends”, his cocaine addict girlfriend… they will be murdered and believe me, their last minutes won´t be pleasant.

Directed and written by Gregory Lamberson, staring Anthony De La Torre as the living dead Metalhead, the singer and song writer Apilann as his hot girlfriend and Michael DeLorenzo as Johnny´s murderer and friend.

“Live fast, die young leave a carnage”, Johnny won´t hide and won´t have mercy, he is already dead and crawled out of his coffin to get what he wants: REVENGE!

Wait to see this eccentric novel character becoming alive, let the special effects make you sick, and enjoy the soundtrack that gives a special meaning to each scene in this terrifying film. Coming to VOD October 16th and DVD January 15th.

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