Review: Mara Deals With Inhumanity

What would you do if you had just woken up in a hospital and the doctors tell you that you were in a 3 month coma and that your father had committed suicide?  This is exactly what Jessa Dixon (Darcel Danielle) as to face in INHUMANITY, written and directed by Joe McReynolds.

Jessa’s memories are vague, but she knows she was attacked, beaten and strangled.  It seems obvious that it was Six Pack Sam (Leviticus Wolf), a notorious serial killer whom Jessa’s detective father had recently become obsessed with. Meanwhile, the fascinating Dr. Campbell (Diana Rose) has kidnapped Six Pack Sam in an attempt to “save him”, as she says, with the use of a special combination of drugs and hypnotism. Determined to find out the truth about her father’s death, Jessa delves deep into a world of crooked cops, betrayal, and corruption beyond anything she could imagine.

There is nothing straight forward about this flick.  From the beginning, stylized animated newspaper clippings tell the atrocities committed by Six Pack Sam leading up to the eventual kidnapping of Jessa. Action scenes are choppy and jarring with quick cuts, making the action seem disorientating and very tense! The plot plugs along the entire runtime of the film and does not shy away from violence or blood.

By the end of the movie, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what exactly happened to Jessa’s father and what was going to happen with Dr. Campbell and Six Pack Sam.  Was she actually going to be able to reform him? And why is she so invested anyway?  The twisting plot of this movie, with interweaving characters involved in ways you slowly learn about throughout the film keep you engaged for the entire runtime.

Darcel Danielle as Jessa gives a standout performance.  She truly exudes grit and determination throughout the film.  I believe she is out not only for the truth, but also for vengeance. Diana Rose portrays Dr. Campbell in such a cool and resolved way that she makes the audience believe she not only has the ability to take control over the psychotic and physically powerful Six Pack Sam, but also might be in on some sort of secret knowledge.

INHUMANITY is currently available on DVD and VOD.

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