Review: Dead love

Fiona and Brad met in abnormal circumstances. She works as a mortician in a family business and he assists to his mother´s funeral.

Fiona spends her days surrounded by death, watching people walking in silence to the other side as she does her job. Ironically, she is full of life, her smile can brighten the darkest room and her voice just like a siren´s voice can sink any ship and drown any man, due to her beauty and harmony.

She came into Brad´s life to give him a sparkle, something to live for, all he can think about is his mother´s suicide, and nightmares come every night, to torment him. Bad dreams showing an ugly reality, suicidal thoughts surfacing at night, keeping him unpeaceful.

As the film develops, the relationship grows and someone won´t be happy about Fiona´s new love, they are being observed and the one who watches is a psychopath who shares with her more than Brandon knows about.

On a passionate night, the “young” woman decides to reveal to her hopeless lover the truth about herself… eternal life is something serious and she knows how to archive it.

You need to feed yourself to live, and you need to feed love to don´t let it die. This family takes these facts in a very literal way, and when Brandon might have a chance to discover the secret… it could be already very late.

For those who love classic horror, Dead love reminds us of “The hunger”, the movie on which Catherine Deneuve stars as a sensual vampire who is not able to live without a lover near.

Nichole Elizabeth Olson as the beautiful Fiona, Grayson Low stars as Brandon, in a film full of mystery, turning a love story into a spider´s web without escape, where two lovers become one for all the eternity.

Wait and see its VOD debut 8/21 followed by DVD release in October, just in time for Halloween!

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