Review: Mara Knows IT LIVES INSIDE

Do you believe that certain places can be cursed? Do you believe that certain events can cause evil energies to stay in a location and cause similar events to happen again and again?  Do you believe in demonic possession?

Jeff Hall’s IT LIVES INSIDE seems to suggest there is truth to these superstitions.  In the film’s first scenes, a cursed blacksmith is shown and everyone is inexplicably and violently murdered. The blacksmith takes his own life. Cut to the present day- presumably on the same grounds.  We see a suburban landscape, and we meet a young family.

The man (Rett Terrell) soon breaks his leg while on a job and is confined to his home.  He begins to act strangely.  He sees something creeping on the floor in the middle of the night… The entire time, the man’s life is fraught with conflict.  Not only is he limping around on a broken leg that will not heal, he is at odds with his nagging wife (Alissa Rose Ford) whose mother hates him, and a neighbor’s pesky dog.  On top of it all he starts getting regular nosebleeds.

Soon, the neighbor’s dog turns up dead.  Then his neighbor goes missing.  His wife leaves him, taking the kid with her, and his work partner has seemingly deserted him.  He’s worse for wear and all alone.  Still, nightly he sees this creeping little thing crawling across his floor…   Things go from bad to worse.

In the backdrop of suburban America, IT LIVES INSIDE uses natural lighting and straight forward cinematography to convey the normal, everyday life of the family in the movie.  They are portrayed in such a way that even in the credits, the characters are credited as “The Man” and “The Woman”. There is not a lot of gore or violence shown in this movie; it leaves much to the imagination and focuses instead on emotional and psychological drama.

IT LIVES INSIDE can be found VOD and will be released September 4 on DVD.

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