Review: Flore Gets Taste Of Phobia

If you´ve ever experienced a phobia, you are aware of how your mind can be triggered by the most ridiculous things. A phobia is an irrational fear, a phobic can perceive something that is not a real danger as a terrifying threat.

A taste of fear is a film that shows us, in short, entertaining, and detailed stories, how a person fails facing their fears, and ending up inside morbid fantasies and horrifying vivid dreams.

The movie has a collaboration of different directors from Italy, USA, England and Nigeria among others. 14 different short stories, each one of them bloody and twisted. Ready to leave you with your mouth wide open and unable to blink.

Separated in segments that show for example: Coprophobia (fear of feces) “Pharmacophobia (Fear of Medication)”, “Mazeophobia (Fear of Being Lost),” “Astrophobia (Fear of Stars),” “Mageirocophobia (Fear of Cooking),” “Gerascophobia (Fear of Aging),” Politicophobia (Fear of Politics),” “Somniphobia (Fear of Sleep),” “Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark),” and “Hemophobia (Fear of Blood).”

A taste of phobia makes us feel what the ill person is going through, in our own flesh. It starts with Chaetophobia (“fear of hair), in this segment we can see a woman tied to a bed in an absolutely immaculate place, a man shaving off his eyebrows and all the hair on his head. To her horror this eccentric character starts waxing her legs, but… unhappy with the results he decides to rip off her flesh too!

Another one that caught my attention, that I found hilarious, was the story about a man suffering from Coprophobia (fear of feces). In the beginning he refuses to enter the bathroom, until he can no longer wait, and ends up fighting with his own feces coming out of the toilet transformed into a monster and attempting to kill him.

Excellent special effects, top notch directors, and a subject such as phobias that gives them endless possibilities to work with and shock the audience. A taste of phobia was released on VOD DVD/BLURAY on June 26th, and I recommend you to watch it if you like horror movies, if you are a psychology student or if you like to feel nauseas as you enjoy a film, because A taste of phobia wasn’t made for the weak!

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