Interview: Leo Fafard Talks ANOTHER WOLFCOP

WOLFCOP is back! And this time it’s a bigger, badder wolfcop or ANOTHER WOLFCOP I guess I should say. With all the madness that will blow your mind, I had to know more. Luckily, Wolfcop Leo Fafard was happy to oblige.

Gary Foster – Tell me about Another WolfCop

Leo Fafard – Tell you about Another WolfCop, well you know it’s kinda the same old asshole doing the same old thing… but not really. It’s a bigger, badder WolfCop. We’ve added more creative characters. we added more fur, with the addition of Sarah the she-cat or whatever you call those things. We had an opportunity to do it again with a little bit more money. Going into the project we thought we had a little more time but they decided to shave 5 days off of our schedule 2 weeks before we went to Canada, which really put us down on what we were hoping to do with the project. We had an opportunity to get the band back together. It was so much fun the first time that we all kinda looked at each other like “fuck I’m in if you’re in, let’s do this shit!”. Since it was a little bit more money we said “well how much more blood can we spread around?” It’s a lot of blood. You can definitely throw a lot of fucking blood around. . . Blood and vomit.

Gary Foster – After the first WolfCop did you know you would be doing another one and what was it like coming back.

Leo Fafard – Nobody knew we were doing another one. At the end of the first one we didn’t know how that was gonna go over. There is a niche for this kinda stuff. We didn’t know how many people were going to want to see this… fucking craziness. Believe it or not, I’ve never been in that scene before, I’ve never been a real horror fan guy. I’m a comedy, I love comedy, and what man doesn’t love action movies so those things were attractive to me. I’ve shot a lot of horror not necessarily as an actor but behind the scenes. I know how much fun they can be. Once we saw the kind of notoriety wolf cop 1 was getting and how popular it had become. When they said “we have people ready to invest in Another WolfCop are you willing to do it?” we knew we would have a whole pile of fun so we decided to do it.

Gary Foster – Everything was bigger in this film did you change anything in the tone or the prep?

Leo Fafard – I tried to give more human characteristics to the character Lou, the actual human character. I tried to build him out a little more but not really. WolfCop himself is a little cockier. If you can believe it, a bigger asshole than the first one. All of that is due to story development rather than budget. We were able to go bigger on the effects because we had more money. He’s already such a big character I didn’t feel the need to boaster him up anymore. I tried to give him more humanity, I don’t know if you can see it but he is a little bit more sarcastic.

Gary Foster – Tell me about the wolf loving, that was quite the scene.

Leo Fafard – (laughed hysterically) oh let me tell you the scariest part of that was knowing that one day I’d be sitting beside my wife watching it! Trust me that was by far the scariest part of wolf cop 2. It was fucked up. It was surprising to me how willing and how well Sarah took the whole thing. I’m not gonna say she was really into it cause that might color it a little bit weird and not portray it properly. She never really said no to anything me and Lowell were cooking. Do You know what I mean? I’m in the scene too and I know what it’s about so I was like let’s see what you fuckers got. You’re not gonna scare me off and I’m not gonna get squeamish, scurry off the bed and hid behind the camera.

Gary Foster – That’s awesome.

Leo Fafard – It was awesome. As the scene went on everyone became a little more comfortable with it. The going down on her part we kinda saved for a  little farther down when everyone was more comfortable. To tell you the truth even the makeup and wardrobe people left the studio cause they couldn’t take it. It was just a little too much for some of the ladies from make up and hair. We certainly pushed the envelope and what was on screen in the final cut wasn’t everything… it got worse than what you saw.

Kevin Smith (left) has cameo in Another WolfCop. Submitted photo.

Gary Foster – That’s hilarious! What was it like working with Kevin smith.

Leo Fafard – Kevin Smith, I hardly saw the fucker! I was pretty disappointed, not in him, he was great but I didn’t get one fucking scene with him. I was never in the same room with him. We’d pass each other when he was going to set and I was leaving set. I did get to shake his hand and meet him. He was awesome! he brought so much to the film and he just ran with his character. A total gentleman, not needy, he was humble, just great. Love the guy Just wish I could have worked with him more.

Gary Foster – Last question are both you and your liver ready for more wolf cop in the future.

Leo Fafard – God, I think this is the 5th time I’ve been asked that. I don’t know buddy. There are certain aspects of productions where I don’t know if we could do it again.  Me and Lowell shot another movie together with the guys that did WolfCop called SuperGrid, and it’s awesome. If the right script came along and the right people got involved we would probably do another WolfCop.  We have so many great things were working on, like I said SuperGrid, it’s a fantastic thing that people are going to love. it Has a lot of fantastic effects, like, if you like seeing peoples fucking faces get blown off. It’s a little bit into the future every thing has gone to shit. Things are run by a mafia, kinda like a Russian thing. Mining companies have taken over and everyone dying of this terrible disease. there’s no good water anymore because of fracking. There’s a couple of brothers who are professional drivers and we have to go out and pick up and deliver a cargo with everything in the world trying to stop us.

Gary Foster – Alright Leo thank you for your time, it was a pleasure. If you guys can work it out and decide to make a 3rd wolfcop I’ll definitely be there to watch it. Again, thank you for taking the time.

Leo Fafard – Thank you very much gary I’m glad you enjoyed it. Watch SuperGrid it’s a lot of fun, crazy vehicles that I drive the living shit out of and crazy head shots.

Thanks Leo I’ll most definitely check it out.

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