REVIEW: Flore Enters The Lighthouse

“If I am going to be drowned — if I am going to be drowned — if I am going to be drowned, why, in the name of the seven mad gods, who rule the sea, was I allowed to come thus far? Was I brought here merely to have my nose dragged away as I was about to nibble the sacred cheese of life?”

Isolated, lonely and left to their own fate, two men are taken to the middle of the rough sea to look after the sailors who dare to cross these turbulent waters.

Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffith, share their tears for the ones who already left… remembering them, one by one. the lighthouse has a story of death and mystery, no land to see, seagulls and the sound of the powerful waves as a bad omen, is all they can hear.

 As the days go by, storms hit hard and wash all hope of going back home alive, or at least sane. Darkness surround them, and the same question over and over: AM I IN HELL?

Based on a true story that took place in 1801, known as “the tragedy of smalls Lighthouse”, the film shows how the keepers start losing their minds, fighting against their suicidal thoughts and the ghosts of those who couldn’t defeat loneliness. When Mr. Griffith dies, his partner stays having no choice, in company of his decomposing body, doing life even more miserable and lugubrious for him.

Directed by Chris Crow (Devil´s bridge, panic button), and written by Paul Bryant, Chris Crow. Starring Michael Jibson (Hunter Killer, Beauty and the Beast) and Mark Lewis Jones (Star Wars : The Last Jedi, “Game of Thrones”) the movie gives to the viewer a feeling of despair, not easy to avoid.

 THE LIGHTHOUSE opens in select theaters July 6 and VOD July 10 and you don´t want to miss it!

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