Any place can be terrifying when it’s secluded. If there is any idea that THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT enforces, it’s that one. Any home has a certain level of comfort because it’s familiar, so when it’s no longer safe, where do you go?

Cindy (Christina Hendricks) and Mike (Martin Henderson) have an issue with their daughter Kinsey (Bailee Madison). She has been screwing up and the best thing for her is shipping her off to boarding school. Along with her brother Luke (Lewis Pullman), they start on the long drive with one stop, their uncle’s trailer park. Finding a note that trailer 47 is reserved for them, they settle in for the night. Little do they know that the strangers The Man In The Mask, Dollface and Pin-Up Girl have moved in and taken over. The park seems massive and with no help to be found, a cat and mouse game pits the family against the nameless faceless killers bend on murder and nothing else.

The Strangers sequel has had a long road to the screen. The original script, which was very good, featured an appearance by Liv Tyler reprising her role. But Rouge Pictures was sold and THE STRANGERS PART 2 was put on hold. SO 10 years later they finally reemerge. Though the family is different, there have been changes. The 80’s soundtrack sets a different tone entirely and the masks have been tweaked. It’s slight but there is a difference and again it changes the feel of the killers. Also added, the killers have adopted a smiley  face logo. In a way, this works in the films favor because we are in essence meeting them for the first time along with the family. These aren’t the killers we have meet before, they are a whole new breed of a similar animal.

As far as the look of the film, you have all heard or seen the much talked about “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” scene, which is excellent, but the “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” scene is no slouch either. Both are a beautiful and interesting use of music. The rest of the film has a very “cold”, atmospheric look that sustains the terror. It also helps to highlight two homages that the film contains. Not gonna say what they are but you should spot them.

All in all, this is a good film to loose yourself in for a couple of hours. It’s scary, sad, and at times, visually haunting. Pick it up and watch it alone!



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