Review: Flore Gets Caught Up In THE JURASSIC GAMES

What else will Television do to entertain us? To feed our morbidity and our thirst for blood? Well, Jurassic games has a proposal. Every year, reality meets virtuality, in this extremely sanguinary game.

Convicts sentenced to death are pushed into a prehistoric surreal world, they will have to fight to survive, meanwhile at home the audience cheers for their favorite contestant.

Criminals against dinosaurs, cold blood murderers, contract killers, molesters, ten of the most merciless delinquents join this game without a choice, and any of them can be the next one to die. As their bodies rest in chambers, their minds confront the creatures, but here´s the thing… if they are eaten alive in the game, a lethal injection will be given to them in real life.

Prehistorical creatures and giant carnivore plants are not the only danger in this alternative reality, each one of the players has the right to kill their opponent, why? Because there can only be one winner, who´s prize will be freedom. But first they will have to survive T-Rex attacks, a maze surrounded by hungry velociraptors, among other “attractions”.

This tv show is controversial and unethical. While some people enjoy the carnage, others see it as an injustice even though the players are sentenced to death penalty, their guiltiness is doubtful.

The film is a perfect mash up between 3 great movies, Jurassic park, Avatar and The hunger games, contestants let their inner beast run free and forget about their human side to survive among the deadliest prehistoric animals. Check the clip below!

Directed by Ryan Bellgarts (Gremlin, Army of Frankensteins), starring Ryan Merriman and Perrey Reeves. Showing impressive deaths and exceptional special effects, Jurassic games is coming this June 12th on VOD, promising to entertain you.

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