Bring Home Your DIRECTOR’S CUT!

From the demented minds of Penn Jillette and Adam Rifkin, DIRECTOR’S CUT arrives in a fully stacked Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack on June 12th, currently available for pre-order! Get a jump on this two-disc deal to bulk up your summer watching today!

You can Pre-order at a discounted price of $14.99 directly from the page site  until the shipping date of June 12th (regular price $19.99)!

In Director’s Cut, Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) plays a disgruntled crowd funder who kidnaps the footage, and star, of the film he backed in order to create his own version starring himself. Ironically, the film was actually financed by an elaborate crowdfunding campaign that attracted over 6,000 backers. Written by Penn and directed by Adam Rifkin, Director’s Cut stars Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin and Hayes MacArthur, who are playing both themselves as well as characters in the movie within the movie, and features cameos by Lin Shaye, Kristy Hill, Nestor Carbonell and Penn’s longtime partner, Teller.

Features include interviews with director Adam Rifkin and star Penn Jillete, a behind the scenes of the film, five deleted scenes, outtakes, premiere footage, the original crowdfunding pitch video, and additional trailers from Dread Central Presents!

If you still need some convincing, you can watch the trailer below, or even read my review here.

Director’s Cut is currently available on demand after a short theatrical run. For a full list of available VOD platforms click here.

As always, be sure to share your watch list with us here at Sinful Celluloid or on any of our social media pages across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Get to ordering!


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