DIRECTOR’S CUT! Muertana Reviews

Adam Rifkin has brought us a meta movie beyond all expectation. Well, my expectations at least. It’s difficult to celebrate irony free from sarcasm, but I am totally serious in congratulating Director’s Cut for creating such a convincing, if also hysterical, film. This horror comedy pokes fun at filmmaking and filmmakers in one fell swoop, along with film fans. The obsessed Herbert Blount (Penn Jilette) lusts after Missi Pyle, starring herself, who is starring in a crowdfunded action film about an unoriginal serial killer.


Before you get the feeling you’re in the middle of a Law and Order rerun, Blount’s memorable voice cuts in to let you know that the scenes before us are crap, and the actors in it mostly paid for their roles. Blount criticizes the crowdfunded nature of the action film, though his own participation hinged on his own donation to be there. Blount paid for the producer package, giving him access to the set during filming and a producer credit. Blount has created his own “Director’s Cut” of the film, citing poor filmmaking as his decision to take over the roles of directing, editing, and starring in the film alongside Missi Pyle. Missi is mostly unaware of Blount’s presence until his rather forceful introduction, and becomes his own personal movie star.


Throughout the film, Rifkin uses Blount as a mouthpiece for criticisms of bad writing, improper continuity, and cheesy filmmaking (such as obvious product placement). The result is a meta movie that makes fun of itself during its very run time and doesn’t stop there. I don’t doubt the existence of a Herbert Blount out there, just as I don’t doubt the threat of stalking to actresses like Missi Pyle. Which makes this film as humorous as it is horrifying.

Check out the trailer below:

Director’s Cut is out NOW on VOD and home video from Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents.



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