The pre-orders for My Favorite Horror Movie are available now through Dark Delicacies for signed versions (that will ship after June 2nd), Amazon Kindle direct download, and Amazon Paperbacks.
The kindle version of the book will be downloaded directly onto your device on the release date and is currently $9.99.
We are only ten days away from the exciting release of My Favorite Horror on May 22nd! Our fearless leader and pirate captain Sinful Celluloid has contributed to this tome with a few words on his favorite horror film, Return of the Living Dead. If I know anything about our favorite horror maverick, his essay will be a though-provoking love note to one of the greatest cult classic films, as well as a personal favorite of mine.
Be sure to keep track of more updates and special deals closer to the release here.
Show your support for the Sinful Celluloid family today!

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