Get ready for another exciting release from Epic Pictures and Dread Central Presents  this month. Absorb the ultimate meta movie, Director’s Cut on demand May 29th and available on Home Video June 5th of this year.  

In Director’s Cut Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) plays a disgruntled crowd funder who kidnaps the footage, and star, of the film he backed in order to create his own version starring himself. Ironically, the film was actually financed by an elaborate crowdfunding campaign that attracted over 4,500 backers. Written by Penn and directed by Adam Rifkin, Director’s Cut stars Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin and Hayes MacArthur who are playing both themselves as well as characters in the movie within the movie and cameos include Lin Shaye, Kristy Hill, Nestor Carbonell and Penn’s longtime partner, Raymond Joseph Teller.

Director’s Cut will be playing select theaters starting May 10th, followed by a VOD release on May 29th and Blu-ray/DVD combo release on June 5th.


Catch the trailer here:



Find out more on the official Director’s Cut website.



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