Explore Friday the 13th with Muertana

Are you afraid?

It’s ok, probably just friggatriskaidekaphobia. Real thing, I promise.

Today is one of those special times in history where the 13th day of this month falls on a Friday- widely considered to be an evil or superstitiously “unlucky” occurrence. Lucky for us, it appears twice this year. However- Friday the 13th can only appear three times within one year. How spooky is that?

(You can circumvent this sad, three-times-only rule by watching Friday the 13th four times a year).

Photo by Larry Miller

The “evil” surrounding Friday the 13th is mostly speculative, with theories ranging from the Bible to numerology. Cain might have killed Abel today! More often than not though, people choose to believe what they believe and we find ourselves in the midst of phenomena. Horror fans can rejoice in the fact that we can call this another kind of Halloween. Or you can just celebrate Halloween all year like Sinful Celluloid does. That’s what a really hardcore fan does. Light some candles and party on, folks.

Some hardcore horror fans know Alfred Hitchcock to be a famous Friday the 13th baby, which was fitting, but that his movie Number 13 failed due to financial troubles. Coincidence? Karma? A universal conspiracy? Who’s to say?

Unlike of course, the very successful franchise bearing today’s celebrated date.

But, that’s ok. Watch either, I won’t tell anyone.

Some tattoo shops choose to celebrate with discounted tattoos and piercings on these days- with $13 tattoos from flash sheets specific to the cult frenzy surrounding the superstition. Be sure to check out who’s doling out these specials in your area.

Another Friday the 13th baby is good friend Adrienne Salerno- a woman who went so far as to honor the date with a tattoo of the number 13 on her back. In the same way we hide from and fear superstitions and symbols, we can learn to love and embrace them. Much like my friend, we here at Sinful Celluloid choose to celebrate that which can make us fearful or wary and celebrate to the greatest extent our ability to thrive within the dark unknown. Happy birthday, Adrienne!

Photo by Beth Saunderson

But as much as we want to believe in the power of Friday the 13th, there is no statistical jump in hospital visits, accidents, or tragedies on these days.

Whether today you choose to get inked, get plastered, get pierced, or get partying, we here at Sinful Celluloid te Salutamus.

Photo by Larry Miller

Feel free to send along and share your Friday the 13th plans and tell us how you’re looking into the unknown today. What are you watching, what are you wearing, who are we sacrificing?

Tell me here, on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ll also be celebrating more Friday the 13th babies on these pages all day.

And don’t forget pictures! They better be as good as mine.


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