Keep the Gaslight Burning Review

Oscar award winning team Dave Elsey (Wolfman, Star Wars Episode III) and Rick Baker (Wolfman, Planet of the Apes) have teamed together in their Gothic thriller, Keep the Gaslight Burning. Along with co-director Lou Elsey (Hellraiser, X-Men: First Class) and producers Don and Anna Bies (Lucasflims Ltd), this film brought high expectations to its own screening- and you won’t be disappointed. The title alone is a call to action repeated throughout the film and gives the audience a sense of unease as to why. The widow Mrs. Maxwell (Markie Post) has hired yet another young girl, Maya (Katie Armstrong Ross), to do her bidding in her large, candle-lit mansion.

Mrs. Maxwell (Markie Post)

Mrs. Maxwell first has Maya keep only one task for the mansion’s upkeep, and that is to load the gaslight with pennies before the meter empties. The task alone is simple enough, but the consequences of an empty meter are deadlier than Maya could begin to imagine. With several twists to keep you enthralled, this film delivers on Gothic thrills.

Mrs. Maxwell (Markie Post) and Maya (Kate Armstrong Ross)

The progression of the film alone is something to behold, with just enough suspense to drive you mad in the dim lighting. Yet, Keep the Gaslight Burning is not a slow burn- more of a sudden flash of white hot revenge. It is a film that requires the darkest room and the faintest of candle light. Take a chance on what’s lurking in darkness for this short film.

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