Review: Gloria Finds The Terrible Two Double the trouble! Double the Horror!

The loss of a child could be something devastating, now imagine losing two! Two children and on their birthday, what a tragedy!

The Terrible Two written and directed by Billy Lewis is a horror thriller based on two little girls that come back from the dead to hunt their parents because of malicious forces that surround this family.

Rose Poe (Cari Mosko) and Albert Poe(Reid Doyle) are introduced in the first scene, a young couple arrives at a nice home greeted by their “trusted” real estate agent. Rose Poe steps out of the car and she’s pregnant she falls involve with the house immediately. The Poe’s are ready to start there life with the new baby on the way. Fast forward a few years, the Poe’s are getting ready to celebrate the one year anniversary of the death of their two little girls. A few minutes later we learn that the baby they had turned out to be two babies! but unfortunately both the girls had died on their 7th birthdate.

Albert tries to be the supportive and strong husband trying to move forward from the bizarre and tragic accident, while Rose is resistant and cannot accept the fact that her little girls have passed. Rose has some schizophrenic episodes where she believes she hears and talks to her girls, or so we think. She has some sort of secret pact with the girls and somehow communicates with them but she doesn’t want her husband to find out. Will Albert find out about Rose secrets? Or will he just leave her to face her demons alone?

The concept of the movie was great but the movie itself was bit messy and here’s why at some point you feel as if the movie drags a bit with no action no real content. The acting was a bit odd, there was clearly some dark forces and paranormal things going on but the actors didn’t show much emotion during those scenes. There were some things in the movie that were left unanswered, perhaps it was purposely made that way, I would have loved to have seen a bit more of the backstory of how the girls died.The ending was unexpected that’s something that I was excited about, I did not see that coming and if you want to know what I’m talking about well then you will just have to watch The Terrible Two for your self.

-Gloria Skulls

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