Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray Is A Set Worth Owning

Given the first two seasons, it would be hard to believe that Fear the Walking Dead would emerge as a better show that The Walking Dead but that is what happened with the solid third season of the show which is now available to own. The show finally gave us a death that mattered and though I was sorry to see Cliff Curtis go, it needed to happen to create some sort of stakes that we care about. Also better this time around is the action, which is consistent and does a better job of staying on topic than the often meandering Walking Dead. At this point in time, it’s just a better show.

My initial hatred of the show is that it was played as just an ethnic knock-off of the original show with little to bring to the table. It also took place in a Los Angeles that was unrecognizable to most who live here. What it has done in the current season is grown into its own and that has given the show great freedom. I only hope that it doesn’t backslide next season with the addition of Morgan from the original show. Also as a side note, if you’ve been wondering what the cast of Sons of Anarchy are up to, they are migrating to this show.

Audio and visuals are standardly good with 1080p Mpeg-4 resolution backed by Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio. As frustratingly common with TV series, the extras are basic and few. You only get two commentary tracks and no featurettes this time around. Though I can listen to Kim Dickens all day, it would be nice to hear from more of the cast. The other extra is 17 minutes of deleted scenes that are interesting at times but offer nothing new really.


All in all, Fear the Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season relies on the strength of its story and that alone is the reason to pick this set up. It marks a turning point in quality for the show and the characters in it. It is the first season in recent years of either series that is worth revisiting. Pick it up!


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