Review: Los Angeles Overnight Is A Twisted Look At L.A. Life

Welcome to the city of Angeles, where your dreams and nightmares can come true.

Los Angeles Overnight is a great project directed by Michael Chrisoulakis and written by Guy J. Jackson (Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween (2015) and Talents (2015). This film is different and unexpectedly thrilling. How does one make it big in Hollywood? It’s a sinful industry, many will say but its also exciting and unexpected and that is exactly what Los Angeles Overnight gets across to the audience.

A struggling actress, Priscilla (Arielle Brachfeld) and her friend Rosie (Camilla Jackson) work at a beat down dinner near Hollywood CA. Priscilla’s dream is to become one of Hollywood’s elite actress but her dreams are slowly being crushed. She never gets picked for a role or a callback, she gets denied and pushed to the curve. Priscilla’s friend Rosie encourages her and supports her in her dreams of making it big. Long story short Priscilla makes it big but at what cost? Along the way, she makes friends and very dangerous enemies. Throughout the film we see Priscilla’s character evolve from a humble sweet girl into a cold heart bitch that will do anything and take anyone out of the way to get what she wants. Yeah, seem like the real Hollywood story to me.

In this film, we see the appearance of Lin Shaye (Cousins) her character is sweet and caring, but behind the colorful lashes and tiara, she’s a cold-blooded criminal. That was unexpected but I really enjoyed watching her act like a real boss. This is a different kind of horror, it portrays real-life struggles and it shows that some people will do whatever it takes to make it in this dog eat dog world. There were some things that seemed to be left unanswered and had me guessing

Overall the film was compelling and had good plot twisters.

The premiere night was an amazing experience, had the opportunity to meet with Camilla Jackson and Arielle Brachfeld. They both were beautiful, sweet and had great presence. The rest of the cast was also friendly and very professional.

-Gloria Skulls

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