[Trailer] Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Has Arrived

Netflix never ceases to amaze us with their original content and with that being said, Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 trailer recently dropped. Season 2 is going to be filled with more flesh-eating, humor, and ups the ante when it comes to all of the blood! The new season will have feature guests stars Maggie Lawson, Gerald McRaney, Zachary Kingdom, and Joel McHale.

The new installment of the show picks up with Shelia and her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) trying to adapt to Shelia’s new state that is well advanced. Shelia finds herself selfishly and desperately working to keep her suburban lifestyle and not just a monster. The number of missing people in Santa Clarita climbs and the once unnoticed now becomes noticed even though the family is now quite better at murder. A cure for the virus is now underway and we can be sure this season will not disappoint, delivering the good of the 1st with a hell of a lot more!


So leave plenty of room because the second season of Santa Clarita Diet debuts on March 23 on Netflix.  





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