God created kittens, and he made them soft, furry, lovely, with claws and deadly teeth!

I know you have heard about the overly attached girlfriend, now it´s time for you to hear about the overly attached kitty.

Angel is a domestic pet, at first sight she has some behavior problems, this cat absolutely hates women, she won´t doubt a second on giving an innocent scratch to whoever gets near Nick, her owner… and if you get too close you will get a little more than a scratch, losing one finger or two can be normal, if she has mercy on you and considers that you don´t deserve to lose your life.

When Nick tries to start a new relation involving a lady, or a new female friend acts more than friendly with him, Angel turns into a spiting fire demonic creature. He tries hard to get help from therapists, they give him a solution: spoil the kitty a little more. Clearly, she has a platonic romance with her owner, and clearly, she is the one who owns him.

Nick plans a romantic night with Angel, sleeping in a bed of roses, feeding her in a romantic date with candles and soft music, even dancing with his cat! But this is not enough, Angel wants him for her own and forever, till death tears them apart.

After all the useless attempts to make the cat happy, she continues to attack visitors. First one finger, then three fingers, then the tongue, this pussycat is out of control.

Finally, Nick tries what he never thought he should: AN EXORCISM, blood and fire everywhere, the priests shocked by the events. The hopeless cat owner decides to go further, this time mediums need to give him a solution, or at least a reason.

The kitty is not only in love with Nick. Angel is possessed by an evil spirit, someone who in the past was part of Nick´s life and decided to stay with him, living inside the creature he loves more, to be petted, loved, and kissed unconditionally.

Hell´s kitty was once a comic book, and now it becomes a movie, with hints of comedy inside horror,  starring the great Michael Berryman, who has a short appearance as detective Pluto, (a wink to all Hills have eyes fans), we can see the beautiful Nina Hartley (a wink to adult film lovers) and Doug Jones (a wink to comic lovers, since we can remember his performance as Abe Sapien in Hell boy), Angel Tana as the lovely Angel, and of course, Nicholas Tana who not only is the main character in the film, he also directed it and wrote the full story.

Have you ever seen your cat standing in the dark and tried to take a picture of it, and it´s eyes looked demonically evil?… maybe it´s time for you to call the ghost busters!

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