Review: Mohawk Is A Different Kind Of Horror

Mohawk is a film that takes places in New York, 1814 following the war between American Soldiers and British soldiers (1812). Actress Kaniehtiio Horn’s powerful presence as Oak, a Native American woman who fights to survive alongside her lovers, Calvin Two Rivers (Justin Rain) and Joshua Pinsmail (Eamon Farren) while trying to escape from the savage American Soldiers who have nothing in mind but revenge.

This film is not necessarily your typical horror film and to be honest there was nothing scary about this film except for the fact that the idea of war was probably the only scary subject of this film because it really did happen. Mohawk is about an hour and thirty minutes long and for the most part, it’s about the American Soldiers chasing after Oak and her two lovers. It seems like this film was shot in a very remote and small area, they were very creative and used the elements to their advantage on this film. The beautiful forest and rivers were captured beautifully, using this type of playground for the film there was no real way of telling what year or era they were in except for the costumes the actor and actresses were wearing, which to me was a smart move and there wasn’t need of fancy props. There was some part of the film which was very gory and bloody. One of my favorite parts of the film was seeing Oak shaving her head, bleeding and not caring because she preparing for her biggest battle. She appears in front of her enemy with a skull mask and skull armor, bloody head and her big bad ass Mohawk like a true warrior.

My favorite character in this film had to be Oak, although she has two lovers, her character is that of a strong Native woman who fights till the end to defend herself and her tribe. She is sexy, smart, resourceful and one might even fear her.

Director and Writer Ted Geoghegan alongside co-writer Grady Hendrix did a fantastic job trying to bring this historic battle to life in a more exclusive way only showing the story of Oak from the Mohawk tribe and her struggle to survive from the grip of the invaders. Like I said before this is not your typical horror movie but it is bloody, gory and taunting, I would recommend giving this film a chance.

-Gloria Skulls

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