Review: Butcher The Bakers

This is seriously a not serious horror movie.

The life of two young bakers who run a small shop, is about to change when they find themselves suddenly involved in the “saving the world” business. In an ordinary night walking down the streets of Ottawa they find a chubby man called Lance who decides they are absolutely the chosen ones, and there´s no way to decline his upcoming offer.

For the first time in history of humanity the reaper, known as Drag, who is in charge of collecting souls around earth lost his job, and walks the land without nothing better to do than harvest as many souls as he wants with an evil purpose… create a bridge between this world and the darkest world, full of pain and suffering.

The movie starts violently, and keeps getting more violent, the reaper is unstoppable and thirsty for souls, ripping heads off, beating people up to dead. When he finds out that Sam and Martin, the bakers, have the mission of killing him, with his own blood and flesh he creates a gang with one thing in mind: KILL THE BAKERS.

Murdering Sam and Martin can be a piece of cake for these creatures coming straight out of hell, but there´s something the bad guys don´t know. Two girls, Pat and Dani, are coming with loaded guns to help the bakers.

The girls are trying to discover who murdered Pat´s father, which leads them both to the cemetery in the middle of the night, to wake up the corpse in an urge to get answers.

Who will be blamed for the mysterious slaughters occurred in this little town? Black magic brings the dead man back to life, and hearing him gives them a clue: DRAGOMIR, THE REAPER. Fearless chicks join our heroes to become heroes too, and save all those poor souls captured by this merciless exterminator.

Hilarious horror comedy with tip-top special effects, directed and written by Tyler Amm and Virginia Campbell, with a cast full of newborn stars, such as: Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Devon Ford and the wrestler Mason Beck as the reaper.  Butcher the bakers won´t make you waste your time.

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