“Devil’s plaything in my hands
If you don’t want pain, you don’t understand”

Several centuries ago, many practicing Christians, and those of other religions, had a strong belief that the Devil could give certain people known as witches the power to harm others in return for their loyalty, this is how Salem´s history begins, the well-known witch trials that took place in this town, gave birth to a long list of horror movies.

This time the film is HOUSE OF SALEM, what starts like a simple plan to kidnap a child and ask for a ransom, ends up like a bloody mess.

When kidnapers break into the wrong house, they find the wrong kid.  Josh, a special child, he owns a great mind power, he sees the future, and the future he sees is dark for everyone.

Masked intruders known as the scary clan, can be scary for a kid who is alive and holds to a soft toy, but their tactics won´t really work with dead kids looking for revenge.

These people are part of a deadly organization, devil worshipers gathering together to profess their love for Satan and offer the dark lord a young body in sacrifice, but everything starts failing, and some of them don´t even know the real intentions of those who hired them.

 When a young woman, known as Nancy, realizes she is being tricked, wants to go deep on this subject and let´s say… one thing is to kidnap a child, and another different is to use him as an instrument to satisfy evil wishes.

The film takes it´s turn when we watch how kidnappers become only servers, and a minimal mistake will make them look weak and they end up being chased and scared for their lives. Members of the team, put their noses where they shouldn´t, hidden in the humid and eerie basement, they find secret tapes that keep the horror that none of them imagined before.

A dark atmosphere, the doomed house of Salem keeps souls of damned children who are desperate to play with their minds, writings on the windows pray THE DEVIL WANTS TO PLAY, and the time for the cursed ones to accomplish their will has already come.

Written and directed by James Crow, with the child actor Liam Kelly Sparkles as the eccentric and introverted Josh, young Jessica Arterton as the kidnapper who can´t help her maternal instinct  and with a huge empathy for this kid, a cast ready to make you believe every single thing you are about to see. House of Salem will fulfill your horror desire and will keep the mystery straight until the end.

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