Review: Gloria Visits THE CANNIBAL FARM

What is worst than going on vacation with family that you don’t get along with? Getting stuck with them in the middle of nowhere, not only that but now your vacation turned into a survival of the fittest trying to escape a farm from hell. Cannibal Farm is a perfect example of what can go wrong in your “perfect” family vacation. Cannibal Farm is a 2018 film starting, Kate Marie Davies (The Antwerp Dolls 2015, Deadman Apocalypse 2016), Barrington De La Roche (The Throne 2015, London Fields 2017), David Lenik (Deadman Apocalypse 2016, Winterskin 2018), Rowena Bentley (Eat the Rich 1987, Winterskin 2018), Toby Wynn- Davies (Dogged 2017, Waste 2018) and Peter Cosgrove (Gaelic King 2017, Grainne Uaile 2018).

Written and directed by Charlie Steeds, who not only catches your attention by making this film as bloody and gruesome as he can, he also throws some curved ball at you with the film’s storyline. The way the characters have flashbacks gives you an insight of how all the characters are somehow related to each other and it gives you a better understanding of how they know each other. Director Charlie Steed isn’t afraid of stepping out what we might know as a “comfort zone”, this film is raw and animalistic, yet it has some very emotional scenes that almost make you feel a little bad for the antagonist.

Cannibal Farm starts off with a sad beginning, a boy is being bullied and things turn bad really quick for him resulting in him being badly burned. One of the most memorable quotes in this film would have to be “Beware of the boy with the melted face”. The boy with the melted face character is very similar to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre character Leather face played by Gunnar Milton Hansen. Cannibal Farm contains a lot of elements first seen in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). Both movies focus on cannibalism, crazy family members, brutal torture, and a masked maniac with a very specific power tool and one key element that also makes me think that it was intentional is the fact that psycho family last name happens to be Hansen, coincidental? I think not! After the back story of the Hansen family, we move on to another dysfunctional family going on a camping trip. All of them trying hard to put their differences aside and just trying to make it an enjoyable weekend. But they have no idea what going into the woods will bring to them.

Will they finally learn to get along? Will they survive the madness at Cannibal Farm? I guess you would just have to see for yourself. The violence is over the top and blood runs free that’s exactly what we want and need in a horror film.

-Gloria Skulls

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