Review: Another Wolfcop

Another Wolfcop is an animal. The animal has its rights like man, so let it run about freely; and you, my dear fellow man, are still this animal, in spite of all!

Cyborg cops are overrated! There´s nothing better than counting on a man- beast hybrid to defend the country. Decade after decade we have seen an endless list of werewolves motion pictures, but I guarantee you, another wolfcop is not just another werewolves movie. This film is a sequel, so, for many of us, Lou Garou is a well-known character, and it looks like his destiny was already sealed since the moment of birth… you see, in French Loup-garou means nothing less than WEREWOLF.

Lou is a cop, he is a savage animal and he is also a good boy. This time our friend will fight against an undercover criminal organization called Darkstar and the Machiavellian politician thirsty for conquer, Sydney Swallows. When you like beer you will try any kind, and clearly you will give thumbs up to the cheapest one. A terrible plan is underway, as more and more people start being addicted to the new low-cost beer with a less than seductive name like “Chicken milk”, aliens will dominate earth.

These outsider creatures found the perfect hosts… like parasites their evil seed will be implanted on every human being, and we will be seeing tiny sticky alien babies coming out of people´s bellies if no-one stops Mr. Swallows and his company. The film is a horror comedy, the gang is perfectly well chosen, hilarious and friendly folks, from the bare beginning you feel you know them for all your life.

Written and directed by Canadian director Lowell Dean, staring Leo Fafard as the merciless unstoppable and untamed wolfcop, Amy Matysio as Tina, her partner and possibly… owner? And the popular actor Johnathan Cherry as Willie.

 Another wolfcop combines alien abduction, body shifters, werewolves, and high-quality jokes. If you enjoy a comedy as much as you enjoy watching opened guts and lots of blood, then you really must see this hysterical mess!


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