Flore Is Terrified Of The Cutlass

The story begins when a young woman and her friends decide to end their monotonous routine and escape to a tropical paradise. In an attempt to find relief, they end up taking a vacation that they won´t easily forget.

The quiet beach, the waves, the soft warm sand and isolation… it all sounds like a dream… but the dream quickly becomes a nightmare! As their vacation fun begins, an intruder is waiting patiently to break into the house. The man interrupts the calmness and the atmosphere turns heavy. No more relax, no more laughter. Now the gang is in real trouble.

What does he want? Why them?  All their possessions are gone now. cellphones and money are missing. they only have each other… Or maybe not? Johana was kidnapped by the sociopath, and their adventure begins. Walking bare foot through the forest, hands tied, as the temperature falls and night is approaching, Fear arises.

Step by step Johana and the criminal get lost in the jungle. What seemed like heaven now became worse than being buried alive. It´s easy during this film to put yourself in the skin of the captive woman. We feel her pain as the tree branches lacerate her arms and legs, as she walks near her abductor who looks at her the way a jackal would look at its prey. We feel the fear and desperation taking control of her.

The director Darisha Beresford chose the perfect team to make this story look so realistic. Arnold Goindhan as the thief who turned deadly kidnapper, trying to save his own life as bigger criminals are looking for him and the money he owes them. The actress Lisa-Bel Hirschmann the beauty in danger, who needs to keep strong and even try to show some sympathy towards his captor.

On one hand we have police officers looking for the young woman, on the other hand we have Johana´s family looking for her in desperation and when a father loves his baby girl there is nothing that can stop him, this tough guy works hard against all odds to have her daughter back, and if it ends up as planed or not, well I can´t tell you that, so you better check out The Cutlass!



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