Amber Travels Apocalypse Road

Apocalypse Road is a taut and suspenseful post apocalyptic story that follows two sisters as they navigate the dangerous and unsettling world that they now inhabit. Armed and cloaked, the sisters make their way toward the beach where they hope to find help and salvation. As we follow their journey to find shelter and food while steadily working toward their goal, we get a sense of the danger that awaits them as they struggle to survive. After one dangerous scouting mission, the sisters get separated and have to make their way to the beach on their own while doing what they can to stay alive.

After their separation, one sister is captured by a group of men who decide to let her try to make her way with them despite her pleas to be released. In order to prove her worth and not be killed, she has to do unspeakable things. The other sister finds someone who agrees to help her make the long journey to the beach even though he does not want to stay there permanently but he feels compassion and decides that he should help her find safe passage so they embark on the treacherous journey together.

The suspense and gritty atmosphere is impressive in Apocalypse Road. I found myself holding my breath several times throughout the movie. There are twists that you won’t expect and the sisters don’t do what you think they will so there is an element of surprise at play as well. Some backstory is peppered in to give the viewer enough of a connection to root for them to succeed.

Apocalypse Road was directed and written by Brent Bentman and stars Katie Kohler and Ashlyn McEvers as Natalie and Sarah West. Fans of survival stories, post apocalyptic settings, tension, and suspense should enjoy this release. It is engaging from the very first moment and doesn’t let up until the surprising and thought-provoking ending. It’s hard not to root for these sisters and be invested in their plight. Apocalypse Road will keep you guessing while you watch and will keep you thinking long after the movie is finished.

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