Flore Enters The Gatehouse

How many times have you heard about haunted forests, cursed trees and doomed woods? If you think about it for a minute, trees have spread their roots long before humans even walk the earth, they have seen everything, they witnessed battles, death, evolution, and most important they have seen how those ungrateful guests called humans destroyed their land, burned their leaves, stole their seeds, killed hundreds of them in an unstoppable way. It is quite clear that the planet belongs to the trees and mother nature likes quietness and hates intruders and foreigners.

These woods have soul and these woods have secrets that must stay away from the light. Jack and his daughter Eternity are going through a very difficult time, they are still mourning Eloise, beloved mother and wife, who died in a terrible incident, drowned in the lake in front of his husband, who has to live with the guilt, the sadness and who can´t escape the vivid nightmares that chase him every day and night, giving him no rest.

Father and daughter live in the woods that have been quiet until then, Eternity is a clever child, always seeking for adventure with strength and an endless curiosity, spending her free time digging holes and finding treasures, when she accidentally finds a mysterious flower shaped talisman, strange events start happening.

Jack is a writer and as a writer, his struggle to find a job is as real as the visions of his deceased wife are. In desperation he accepts to write the end of an unfinished book that was written in the 70´s, as soon as his investigation starts he finds out that the original author of “The legend of the black flowers” is locked in a mental institution, and decides to visit the retired writer, the old man doesn´t like visitors, and he can be very moody and reticent to speak about the legend and the secret that the woods keep.

Eternity as I said is a lovely and smart child, she doesn´t even need a babysitter to take care of her, but his dad hires one, when they both start becoming closer, the little lady discovers the weirdest wound on her new friend´s arm, who had run away from the woods some days before, leaving her friend behind and trying to save her life, but still… as the days go by she has no news about her friend and this wound seems to never heal, adding more mystery a psychic appears in scene to tell them the house has a heavy atmosphere, and a ghostly presence.

Something have clearly awakened the spirits that remained in silence until then, something had perturbed them, Eternity´s mother visits her with only one purpose, to warn her, to tell her that “He is coming”, she has to be prepared and she has to be strong to take care of herself and her father, she has no idea who will she fight, or why does she have to fight for.

The director, Martin Gooch, mashes up adventure, mystery, terror and fantasy, the film has the perfect hook from the bare beginning, with words on screen that announce “Based on a true story”, an as it develops we wait for the moment when the entity shows up, and discover what is all this secret surrounding the forest about. Simeon Willis as Jack and Scarlett Rayner as Eternity make a great team, and I can tell this little lady has a bright future as a scream queen.

40 years after “the legend of the black flowers” has begun and it seems it´s finally coming to an end, but is not so simple as it looks, you can´t go to the forests and bother the resting spirits and finish the book just like that! It´s a little more complicated… once you took what is theirs, they won´t stop until they have it back or until you and the woods become one.

So, enjoy The gatehouse, and next time you and your lover decide to carve your names in a tree… remember, TREES ARE LIVING BEINGS, and you don´t want to mess with them!

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