Review: Zena Dixon’ Night of the Witch

“Hazing clouds rain on my head
Empty thoughts fill my ears
Find my shade by the moon light
Why my thoughts aren’t so clear
Demons dreaming
Breathe in, I’m coming back again”


When you see a film, even a short film and it begins with the image of a man, standing in the middle of a deserted street at night, you know that nothing good can be approaching.

 The film maker and real horror queen Zena Dixon plays with our minds, The night of the witch reminds us of ancient voodoo rites, a haunted element that you probably regret to take home, the feeling of being watched, the paranoia, not knowing when the nightmare ends and when reality begins. As a short film it has the perfect resources to drag you in, staring Patrick Nixon and Peter Reed, and giving remarkable importance to music and sounds.

A black man walking on an empty street, the only sound he can hear is the wind blowing, disturbing footsteps following him, and his own thoughts chasing him, he finds a watch, and confesses to the spectator that this nightmare, repeats periodically without an explanation. The protagonist of the story suddenly wakes up, to see a dark ghostly presence standing in a corner, wondering if he is still caught in his own dream, when the figure banishes, but the atmosphere tells us it is still there somewhere, staring and playing with his mind.

In real life, black magic works on every level, twisting you up and making you feel miserable, when you start asking yourself, am I cursed? I can tell that the witch has already accomplished the mission, and you won´t escape easily.

The unknown is always scary, and not having the power to discern what is real and what is nothing but product of superstition, can make anyone lose their minds and feel there is no way out.

The man in this short film may be wondering who is he fighting?  And as in every psychological horror film, the answer can be… Himself.

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