Review: The Elf (2017)

If you, like I did, grew up watching horror movies like Child´s play, The puppet master or any other film starring killer dolls, then The elf will bring back the terror you used to feel and you will want to hide under the blankets!

This year, internet was filled with elf on the shelf memes, so I looked up wondering what was this whole thing about… then I understood as a common tradition, the elf toy watches over young children and reports back to Santa whether they should be on the naughty or nice list… well this is a totally different kind of Elf… just wait and see what this one can do.

A young couple arrives to a sparsely populated town where strange things are about to happen, when Nick, who is the heir of an abandoned toy store, opens an old toy chest findings inside of it an Elf , he discovers immediately that he made a terrible mistake and the curse is about to begin.

Is not easy to get rid of this toy, holding a knife in his tinny hands,  muttering in an unknown language, he has own life, and he keeps inside his animated body children´s souls, the worst part about this nightmare is that once the curse starts its course… you can´t stop it and he is coming to get all your beloved ones as the names appear on the list, one by one they will find a deadly destiny.

It seems that the creator of this midget was Nick´s grandfather, when his fiancee´s family come to spend holidays with them the  torment starts, they are trapped by a snow storm and they can´t escape the house, not even if they want to, they start dying violently and Nick is the only one conscious of what is going on.

The main Character, Nick, and his fiancee, Victoria, haven´t been together for a long time, he is fighting his inner demons, while he tries to defeat the devilish elf,  suffering night terrors and flashbacks coming from a traumatized childhood.  Victoria on the other hand is doing her best to keep the family together and to understand what happens  inside her man´s head, trying to figure if he is  a psychopath or if this whole Elf story is actually true.

Written and directed by Justin Price, staring Natassia Halabi and Gabriel Miller among others, this horror film will make you wonder if it´s Christmas approaching or this year Halloween came twice.

If you didn´t hate these small creatures before then get ready to start hating them now, trust me I don´t have any elves around my house, but after watching this film, if I had any I would certainly give it to someone who I despise!

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