Event Review: Paranormal Halloween

October 31, the charming night where the dead join the living, and they walk among us, mystery surrounds Halloween night, known as a pagan ritual for Christians, and known as the most awaited night of the year for Horror fans and modern witches.

My fascination for Halloween started when I was a teenager, but I am from South America and that can be very frustrating, frustrating to get creepy merch, frustrating to get collectibles and Halloween home decor, but what can I say? It helped me to develop a great imagination and do handcraft to create my own costumes and hang out with the right people to be always invited to Halloween parties all over the years, later on I became a makeup artist and this is not only my favorite night of the year, this is my favorite month! October is all about ghosts, demons, creating creepy characters and skeleton faces, so I can make work and fun line up once a year and make it interesting.

When you live in South America and more over when you live in a little town not in the big city, as I said before you need to find the right people to know where the fun will be, so on Sunday I took a bus, a train and 2 subways to get to a Halloween expo, called “Paranormal Halloween”, free ticket and almost 60 fair booths, all in the same place I found costumes on sell, masks, fake skulls made with such a dedication that the seller had to explain to everyone who was near “THEY ARE NOT REAL”, people were concerned asking: “IS THAT A BABY´S SKULL?”, looking in panic, I was more like… HOW MUCH FOR THIS ONE? Victorian cameos, necklaces made with bones and more skulls, sexy gothic lingerie; Black Sabbath, Misfits, and other devilish band shirts, black cats, Ouija boards and other witchcraft printings were easy to find, plus the atmosphere and ambience of the place made me feel I was where I belong.

What I enjoyed the most, were the local artists showing their work, terror novelists, horror painters, and makeup artists, who were turning children into skeletons and zombies, events like these are a great opportunity to get into horror business, there were also special effect artists like Lady poison, who was showing her creations, latex masks, fake eyes necklaces, tooth prosthesis, I certainly adore her work, I have known her for years but her last job in the movie “El cazador”, (The hunter) took her to another level as a special effects queen and I can tell her work is getting better every day.

People were waiting the whole year to be what they wanted! SERIAL KILLERS, POSSESED GIRLS AND PSYCHO CLOWNS, Jason Voorhees was around, a plague doctor with his bird look-a-like mask coming out from the shadows, the invisible man threatening with a gun, the girl from the exorcist, and a friendly mutant half man half monster ready to be photographed.

Last but not least, in the back of the fair a place prepared where tarotists and shamans gathered together to tell you your fortune, meanwhile in another room a Spanish guy with a gypsy look gave us a talk about occultism and how magic works, and after this conference a cosplay parade to finish the magical evening and keep us all waiting for the next Halloween to come!

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