Halloween night 2017 the Anton LaVey exhibition by Lethal Amounts

What do you do Halloween night in Hollywood? For sure you have to summon Satan on this devils night. Or you could have been at the Anton LaVey exhibition Disobey. An event orchestrated by Danny Fuentes owner of Lethal Amounts at the historic Madame Siam and Black Rabbit Rose bar. An impressive list of guests included Glenn Danzig, Kenneth Anger, LaVey’s daughter Karla.

Madame Siam is a 1940s cocktail lounge the decor and ambiance was perfect for the celebrations that night. Right above Madame Siam is Black Rabbit Rose. Black Rabbit Rose is the latest bar from the Houston Brothers a place where you can enjoy drinks and captivating magic and illusion shows.

20 years after the passing of Anton LaVey the founder of the Church of Satan we gathered on his anniversary night in the underground Madame Siam, the night was cold and a bit rainy definitely set the mood for this wicked night. Some dressed up in costumes and some wore their usual black clothing, leather and high heels where definitely the popular choice. Inside Madame Siam there was multiple room with amazing photos of Anton LaVey. Some photos of him doing rituals, other photos of him giving talks or doing T.V interviews, then you had the more personal family photos of the LaVey’s with their children. There was also a display were rare and never-before-seen writings, personal items and artifacts from LaVey’s Black House in San Francisco, including his beloved organ. Magazines and old news paper cut outs took us back in time, stepping into that time zone I could only imagine the reaction of the people that were witnessing the rise of the Church of Satan, you have to imagine back then people were not as open minded as they are today but Mr. LaVey was breaking traditions and making new ones.

I really enjoyed the music, a lot of 60’s go-go dancing tunes. There was also live music by Twin Temple. Twin Temple is a Satanic Doo-Wop band. The haunting music combined with beautiful vocals, jazzy goth is how I would describe it. Raw and in your face dark lyrics and a lots of soul. Vocalist Alexandra James summoned Lilith in the middle of her performance, it was very captivating and intriguing.

At around midnight a Black Mass was held by Steven Leyba where summoned the spirit of Anton LaVey and they said phrases like “Hail SATAN! Hail SATAN!” you could be feel an energy of mischief and curiosity but it was comfortable and welcoming. Over all one of the best Halloween nights yet!

Thank you Lethal Amounts for making it all happen.

-Gloria Skulls

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